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and David Perez

Speedy Sentencing Reports has shown proven results in providing services to the court system through defense attorneys, providing well-rounded assessments of defendants through the perspective of a retired Riverside County Supervising Probation Officer.

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Speedy Sentencing Reports’ story

Speedy Sentencing Reports was established in 2020 for the purposes of giving a well-rounded view of the defendant and provide the Courts with detailed information not provided in a Probation pre-sentencing report.

The origins of the falcon for the logo come from the peregrine falcon, the fastest animal on the planet. The falcon is efficient in its work, in that it is accurate, speedy, and tends to work alone.

I will work for you diligently and expediently, and you will be able to trust me in completing your reports in a timely manner.  Writing with confidence and using my previous training and experience will produce a common sense approach to sentencing while incorporating the Rules of Court.

Mission statement

To provide fair and balanced court reports, while conducting meaningful interviews with defendants for better insight into their backgrounds for the court. Providing informational reports and possible mitigation through character reference and defendant interviews for the court, defense attorneys, and district attorneys to weigh for sentencing.


About David’s Probation Experience

  • Over fifteen years of experience in the probation field and institutions combined, including over five years as an investigator. 

  • Oversaw a field office, which entailed the management of diverse juvenile and adult caseloads, including Drug Court, high-risk offenders, and Wraparound programs.

  • Prepared court reports and regularly made recommendations to both adult and juvenile courts regarding sentencing as a court officer, utilizing the Rules of Court. 

  • Worked as Drug Court officer and established treatment plans for probationers in coordination with the Department of Mental Health. 

  • Practiced motivational interviewing techniques and utilized evidence-based practices while working with a high-risk caseload.  

  • Provided aid and counsel to probationers; formulated plans of rehabilitation through mentoring of probationers and community referrals based on criminogenic risks and needs.

Professional experience and training


interviews conducted for both Juvenile and Adult Probationers


standards and training for corrections hours

Put your trust in my writing!

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