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March 2013 - November 2018

Performed duty officer functions and oversaw all operations of an institution, including, but not limited to, transportation of youth, controlling hostile situations, de-escalating hostile youth, ensuring youth were provided with an appropriate amount of nourishment, crisis counseling, and communicating youth behavior with the courts.  
Oversaw housing unit operations and ensuring staff were maintaining appropriate safety and security measures for the youth.  
Met with treatment teams to ensure youth were being provided with mental health care, schooling needs, and medical needs.  
Coordinated and networked with outside agencies to provide services for youth detained in the institutions.  
Prepared trainings via PowerPoint for staff during monthly staff meetings to ensure staff were properly trained regarding paperwork changes and policy and procedural changes throughout the year.  
Conducted monthly safety meetings and safety drills, including active shooter drills, earthquake drills, and fire drills.  
Maintained safety logs and prepared Board of State and Community Corrections paperwork for annual inspections and audits.  
Proofed court reports and assisted probation officers in recommendations to the court for the  dispositions of cases in both juvenile and adult courts.  
Trained new employees through a department-approved Field Mentoring and Investigative Mentoring program, which entailed the explanation of probation functions via departmental policies and procedures, California Penal Code, and Rules of Court.  
Worked on adult and juvenile policy and procedure committees to rewrite outdated policies and assisted in their implementation.  
Oversaw a field office, which entailed the management of juvenile and adult caseloads, including Drug Court, high-risk sex offenders, and Wraparound programs.  
Coordinated quarterly probation searches with local and outside law enforcement agencies.  
Attended monthly Community Network Luncheons in Palm Springs, as well as Palm Springs Intra-agency meetings to discuss local issues within the community and become informed of new programs available to probationers.  
Conducted monthly staff meetings and safety trainings to ensure communication of risks or needs of staff and to debrief any incidents.


February 2005 - March 2013

Prepared court reports and made recommendations on the court dispositions of cases in both juvenile and adult courts, interviewed adults for pre-sentence reports and juveniles for dispositional reports. 
Supervision of Probationers: Supervised and assisted juvenile and adult probationers in the implementation of their conditions of probation and ensured probationers completed their court commitments.  
Regularly maintained contact and communication with probationers through home visits, office visits, mail correspondence,  telephone contact, or via social media.  
Prepared reports to the court regarding the probationer’s progress and adjustment; prepared and maintained case history records, case evaluations, and reported any progress, or lack thereof, in person as a court officer.  
Served as a Department Safety Representative: which included conducting monthly safety inspections and meetings, monthly earthquake and fire drills, and attended safety trainings and division safety meetings.  
Assisted law enforcement with warrant sweep operations and monthly probation searches; gathered and provided information from both juvenile and adult caseloads to ensure Fourth Amendment procedures were followed.  
Provided aid and counsel to probationers in the resolution of adjustment and rehabilitation problems; formulated plans of rehabilitation through mentoring of probationers.  
Promoted and supported crime and delinquency prevention programs through contacts and involvement in community activities, such as the monthly Blythe Community Network Luncheon.
Participated in the training of new staff; worked flexible hours, as required by assignment.  
Facilitated social awareness programs for juveniles and adults, such as Courage to Change and Forward Thinking.
Practiced motivational interviewing techniques and utilized evidence based practices while working with a high-risk caseload. 
Represented the department in court as a witness for both violation of probation and new law violation proceeding by testifying and providing the district attorney’s office with information.  
Worked as Drug Court officer and established treatment plans for probationers in coordination with Department of Mental Health.  
Interviewed victims of crime for sentencing reports and provided them with information regarding restitution and defendant sentencing dates.


May 2003 - February 2005

Supervised group activities and work details.  Watched for indications of illegal activities, confiscated and searched for contraband, handled disturbances, and utilized progressive discipline for negative behavior.  
Lead in-custody youth in recreational activities, indoor and outdoor; instructed youth in their activities and games, as well as, trained youth in safety measures to avoid injuries during activities.  
Planned social activities within groups and mentored youth through life challenges through personal experiences or through already established social awareness programs. Conducted structured individual and group sessions, as well as, conducted crisis counseling; logged all important information in a daily log or behavioral log.  
Attended courses in the powers of arrest and search and seizure.  
Participated in the training of new staff; worked flexible hours, as required by assignment.  
Facilitated organized group activities between male and female wards to ensure proper safety of both staff and minors.  
Completed a daily log of the activities completed by the minors in each housing unit.  
Wrote incident reports to keep probation officers and the courts updated on positive or negative occurrences involving the minors.  
Maintained a clean and sanitary living environment for the minors in custody.  
Wrote information in behavior logs to better inform supervisors, unit staff, probation officers, and the Courts on the progress of minors in treatment.

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