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through Motivational Interviewing

by David Perez, Retired Supervising Probation Officer

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Services Offered

Social history interview

Consists of gathering pertinent facts regarding a client's life, including traumatic experiences, drug history, and their abuse history.

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Sentencing assessment

Involves writing an assessment based on the totality of the circumstances in a defendant's case which includes doing a social history interview.

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About David

I have shown proven results in writing comprehensive sentencing assessments that provide well-rounded recommendations, using previous professional training and experience, including life experience that allows me to relate to clientele. 


I was a probation corrections officer from 2003-2005 working in detention facilities. Between 2005-2013, I wrote hundreds of reports for low and high-risk juveniles and adults. In 2008, I was assigned as a juvenile and adult investigator until 2013 and performed the duties of a court officer in Blythe, California, and as a drug court officer in the Recovery Opportunity Center. 

From 2013 to 2018, I was a Supervising Probation Officer. During the better part of those years, I supervised the field and investigative operations of the Palm Springs Probation office, which included Drug Court, Wraparound, and Sex Offender caseloads.

I wrote adult sentencing and juvenile dispositional reports for the better part of my career. I have been trained in court testifying, determinate sentencing, and credit for time served. In addition, I’ve learned motivational interviewing techniques and evidence-based practices to assist in the rehabilitation of a defendant on probation. 

Professional experience and training


interviews conducted for both Juvenile and Adult Probationers


standards and training for corrections hours

About Speedy Sentencing Reports

writing with integrity

Speedy Sentencing Reports was established in 2020 for the purposes of giving a well-rounded view of the defendant and provide the Courts with detailed information not provided in a Probation pre-sentencing report.

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Put your trust in my writing!

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